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ORNA Inc.: Revolutionizing Cyber Incident Response and Management as the Best Startup Business

Cyber management is one of the top concerns for all modern businesses alike, and companies that are making significant strides ought to be recognized for their endeavours. In a thrilling ceremony the CanadianSME Awards 2022, held on May 5th, 2023, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the spotlight was on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit as the best Startup Business award category took center stage. Amongst the eager audience, one company emerged victorious, capturing the hearts and minds of the attendees. 

ORNA Inc. has made a remarkable impact in the cybersecurity industry with its innovative turn-key cyber incident response and management solution. Their visionary approach simplifies and de-stresses the entire process, providing a comprehensive platform to address cyber threats effectively.

The team at ORNA is committed to automating and streamlining incident response and risk mitigation. Their solution not only simplifies the process but also ensures that every stakeholder is on the same page, fostering clear communication and optimal decision-making. This level of integration and automation sets ORNA apart from its competitors, making them an industry leader in the stockx shoes market.

The recognition of ORNA Inc. as the best Startup Business is a testament to the passion and talent of their team. Their outstanding achievement in developing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution has not only garnered attention but has also addressed a critical need in the industry.

With ORNA Inc. leading the way, the future of cybersecurity looks brighter, safer, and more streamlined.

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