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CanadianSME Small Business Awards 

The CanadianSME Business Awards pay tribute to the indispensable contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to Canada’s booming economy. These Awards are intended to recognize, celebrate, and support entrepreneurs who have persevered to establish themselves in various fields successfully.

Canadian entrepreneurs aren’t just successful business operators but stand as pioneers and growth accelerators of our economy. As resilient catalysts for trade and commerce, they drive economic progress, becoming pillars that our communities are built upon.

The CanadianSME Business Awards signifies an annual event that celebrates these illustrious individuals across all industries who have made notable efforts to abet our national growth. Since their inception, we have had the honour to host hundreds of small business owners and commemorate over 350 unique and diverse enterprises from across Canada. As we eagerly await this year’s event, we stand firm in our commitment to cheer on and encourage our nation’s SMEs.


Each one of our Awards categorically symbolizes a benchmark of entrepreneurial excellence and achievement. They are testimonials of the perseverance, dedication and sheer hard work invested by their recipients in claiming business territories. Besides recognizing achievements, these accolades provide business owners with an opportunity to strengthen their credibility, attracting investors and customers alike. An Award in hand amplifies the business’s reputation, instilling a sense of trustworthiness and reliability in the customers.

The CanadianSME National Business Awards 2024 extends an extraordinary opportunity for businesses to exhibit their potential and abilities nationwide. It’s a forum where your determination, passion and consistent efforts receive the recognition they deserve. Moreover, it acts as a valuable platform for expanding your outreach initiatives and attracting potential clients, employees, or partners.

Moreover, winning an award is synonymous with bolstering a business’s marketing and promotional efforts. It presents the award recipients with a competitive edge in the market, fortifying the business image as efficient and reliable. Whether you’re an awardee or a nominee, this top recognition can significantly shoot up your brand positioning and recognition. This is why the annual CanadianSME Business Awards is the most sought-after recognition amongst the business community of Canada.

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An Opportunity to Excel and Make a Mark

As we gear up for the CanadianSME National Business Awards 2024, we cordially invite you to embrace the spotlight and let your accomplishments shine, claiming a well-deserved position among the celebrated innovators of the business world. There’s a notion that if you want to be successful, sit with the successful accomplishers, which is why this Awards event is a golden opportunity to connect with a wider network of high achievers to draw inspiration.

In the end, the CanadianSME Business Awards act as a testament to the relentless spirit of Canadian entrepreneurship, a platform for growth, and a recognition of business excellence. Come and join us on this journey as we continue to celebrate and motivate Canada’s SME sector.

My name is Michelle Cameron. I was born in May 1977 and was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba in a single mother household and am the middle child of two siblings. With strong pride, I am a treaty status woman, a band member of Peguis First Nation, Manitoba and a mother of five beautiful children. As a child, I recognized how hard my Mom was working and I really wanted to help bring more money in the household. Because I am an entrepreneur by nature, I decided to bake cookies, cakes and had my Mom sell the baking to her colleagues at work.

Michelle Cameron Owner at Dreamcatcher Promotions
Small Business Awards Canada

Thank you again for the opportunity to receive the Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It is a significant symbol of the hard work of immigrant entrepreneurs within Canada. As a South Asian descent immigrant, we face many adversities navigating life in a new country and fighting to create a name for ourselves. I advise all young entrepreneurs to never allow others to decide the type of person you are. Instead, let your actions speak for themselves, continue to put yourself in positions where you are the minority, create room for yourself at the table, and never stop working hard

Brad Bhatti Managing Director at Fast Track Appliances Ltd.
Small Business Awards Canada

If we move forward in our chosen fields, in a good way, with good intentions and with big heart, we can light the way for our children to walk with ease through the two worlds they will come to know.

Mallory Yawnghwe Founder and CEO of Indigenous Box™
Small Business Awards Canada

The staff at CanadianSME were wonderful and we are thankful and appreciative of the award we received. Our team is motivated and encouraged. CanadianSME brought together an impressive group of thought leaders, sponsors and dignitaries from all across the country that made this award prestigious and coveted. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Leslie Babel Founder & President at DigitalFire Computing Inc
Small Business Awards Canada

At Business Sherpa Group, we are honoured and thrilled to have been recognized as winners of a CanadianSME National Business Awards. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our SME clients. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CanadianSME National Business Awards for this recognition, as well as to our team and partners, and our clients who have entrusted us with their business needs. It is their trust and collaboration that continually drives us to excel and provide tailored solutions that make a positive impact.

Leanne Bell Marketing Manager at Business Sherpa Group
Small Business Awards Canada

I am thrilled and honored to share that GDA Capital has been awarded the title of "Fastest Growing Company of the Year for 2022" by your prestigious organization. This recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment and dedication of our incredible team, as well as the invaluable support from our partners and clients. At GDA Capital, we have always strived to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in our industry. This award serves as a validation of our relentless pursuit of growth and success. It reinforces our belief that by embracing disruptive technologies and fostering meaningful relationships, we can make a significant impact on the financial landscape.

Michael Gord Co-Founder & CEO at GDA Capital
Small Business Awards Canada

Being awarded the Technopreneur of the Year award by CanadianSME is truly a humbling honour. Being a Founder is both difficult and lonely, but awards from great organizations like CanadianSME are huge validators that we're on the right track - building great software to solve for real customer problems. Both I and our team take this award as a huge motivator to strive to do more to scale our business and make more of an impact globally.

Mark Bania Co-Founder & CEO at Contractor Compliance Inc.
Small Business Awards Canada

We are deeply honored and grateful to have received this prestigious award. Being recognized for our achievements is truly humbling and serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that we have put into improving healthcare for Canadians. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the program for their recognition. The program's commitment to acknowledging excellence and fostering growth is commendable, and we are delighted to have been a part of it.

Stephanie Nazywalskyj Director of Strategic Communications
Small Business Awards Canada

It’s an honour to have been recognized and named Inspirational Leader of the Year by the esteemed judges for the 2022 CanadianSME Small Business Awards. I’m so grateful and humbled by this experience. The nomination process was very smooth, and I appreciated having the chance to reflect on my journey and what I’ve done since founding Options Consulting Solutions (OCS). I didn’t have time to look back at it all, and I’m sure other entrepreneurs understand how busy it can be and how that doesn’t give us much time to reflect. We focus more on what we can do next instead of what we’ve already done. I hadn’t thought about what I experienced and encountered, or how I overcame obstacles along the way to make OCS into what it is today. I’m really glad I had the chance to do that through this award journey.

Antoinette King Founder and Managing Partner, Options Consulting Solutions
Small Business Awards Canada